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Around The World Blog Hop

Suomen kieleen ja ompelujuttuihin palataan pian seuraavassa postauksessa :)

I was totally surprised when Angela from Work Pray Sew nominated me for the Around The World Blog Hop some time ago. Thank you Angela! I've visited her sewing blog several times but I didn't know she's been following mine :). Anyway, this nomination made me glad but also a bit worried about how I'm going to survive this in English. So forgive me, if everything is told very short and simple ;).

This is a nice way to get to know bloggers and their ways of creating clothes. Everyone answers the same questions and passes this on to two other bloggers. So let's go!

What am I working on?
Knit dresses for our god daughters as a birthday present. I also have one simple quilt project waiting, I started it already before Christmas and I'm thinking what to do with it. Some interesting sewing project that I haven't started yet but what is constantly on my mind is 1920's clothes. We got a wedding invitation last week and the wedding is 1920's styled occasion and guests were asked to dress according to this decade if possible. I have never made 1920's styled clothing and it would be great to try making them - at least to some of our family members. So now I've been looking at different options on the net and searching for ideas.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
This is difficult. If I compare myself to most Finnish sewing bloggers (in children wear) I think one difference is that I use more fabrics from the national fabric chain when many Finnish bloggers use more knits from net shops. My style is also quite girly with ruffles, ribbons, laces and handicraft decorations.

Improvisational Pleating Contest
Wool jacket

When I compare my work to sewing bloggers all around the world, it's even harder to find differences. I can see cotton dresses (or non-knit clothes, is this a word?) are sewn a lot and that's one reason I started to look for sewing blogs outside Finland. But I've noticed one difference and this is pdf-patterns. I've seen that people are using a lot pdf-patterns when I modify/make patterns quite a lot by myself or use Ottobre patterns (like many Finnish, that's because Ottobre magazine comes from Finland).

Ruffle flowers
Sailor dress for me

Romantic summer dress
Bags for ice skates

Why do I create what I do?
I can't imagine life without sewing or handicrafts in general. I learned to sew when I was seven (by hand) and I got my first Singer around ten years of age. At the moment I'm quite selfish in sewing, I enjoy making dresses and anything I imagine my three adorable girls would love. We could do without 10 party dresses/daughter, muffs, bags, wool jackets etc and of course I sew simple shirts and trousers as well, but sewing basic clothes without any tricks just don't delight me that much. Because of the 30 years' sewing experience I want to learn different (old and new) handicraft techniques and add them to clothes, use fabrics and pattern variously. All that keeps me interested in sewing continuously and I get to learn new things.

Little Mermaid
Spring butterflies

How does my creative process work?
This is a piece of cake! Most of the times the process goes like this: design, fabric (if I don't find a fabric that satisfy me, the project is put on hold until I do), pattern making (or modifying an old one) sewing and maybe adding more details....Finished!

Ok, and now it's finally time to reveal two bloggers! They are:

Patricia from Pequeno Mundo a 3
because she is kind and sweet and makes elegant and beautiful clothes

and Annie from Peaches and Bees
for her sweet and adorable princess dresses and re-fashioning!

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Great job Krista. Your work is so interesting and creative. I love the handiwork too! Also love that you nominated Annie (i love her dresses too) and thanks for the intro to another cool blog to watch.

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I am honored to be nominated by someone so talented!!

    1. Thank you, it will be interesting to read your answers :)


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